Kawan Around the World

So, where will you spend your holiday?

That’s a question you most probably have to answer a lot of times these days. Perhaps you are flying to exotic beaches with shallow crystal waters. Or it might be you will spend a large part of the holiday in a tent in the wilderness. Or perhaps you will stay at home enjoying your local area. No matter where you will be, you will be looking for good experiences and enjoyable moments together with friends.

At HEVEA we have a very good friend called Kawan, which actually means “friend” in Malay. Kawan is the most loveable and cute rubber duck you can imagine. All Kawans are handmade from natural rubber, where we have added natural plant pigments and hand painted it’s beek and feet. It has numerous functions and can be used for bathing, teething and naturally for nearly all kinds of playing.

For both toddlers and children, it’s important to have a good friend by their side. And Kawan would love to be that friend. For Kawan, it’s not important where you’re going or what you’re doing – all that’s matter is to be with its friend.

This Summer, we would love to see, where you, your costumers and everybody else is bringing Kawan. That’s why we will have a “Kawan around the World” competition, where we would love everybody to post photos of the cute duckie on our Instagram.  At the end of August, we will reward the cutest photo with the hashtag #kawanaroundtheworld and @heveababy with a 70EUR voucher to purchase HEVEA products.

I wish you the happiest of holidays!


Rubberwood is back

As you hopefully know, HEVEA is designing, developing and producing the coolest, most beautiful, eco-friendly natural rubber products. But do you also know, that they make the most wonderful products in Rubberwood – HEVEA now makes both Rattles and Stools? Rubberwood is a beautiful type of wood. It’s safe and absolutely non-toxic. It’s an extremely environmentally friendly product. The tree absorbs CO2 during its growth period which ensures that it fits perfectly into the HEVEA products range.

“When we started making Rubberwood products, we didn’t quite know that to expect,” CEO and founder of HEVEA, Terese said. “But the request was massive which made us both happy and frustrated. Happy, because our products were highly requested, but also frustrated as we didn’t have enough products in stock. Fortunately, now we have been able to re-stock both the Rubberwood Stool and upgraded the Rubberwood Rattle, so it’s even stronger and still very stylish.”

The Rubberwood Stool is a fantastic combination of beautiful design, high safety and great usability. It’s a combination of 100% natural Rubberwood and natural rubber, so it’s solid, beautiful and completely safe. The non-slippery, natural rubber fingerprint and socks ensure increased stability.

“We are extremely satisfied with our the Rubberwood Collection”, says Terese, “and we know both the Stool and the Rattle will be treasured by children and their parents now and for many years to come.”

HEVEA Placemat. Your safe, eco-friendly non-toxic way to minimize chaos, when the youngest start eating solid foods

When babies become toddlers and change from liquid to solid food, parent’s need’s changes too. The menu on the plate is purees, porridge and similar. This is obviously really cute. But it can also be a mess. Actually, it can be rather chaotic, and food spreads frequently over large parts of the table or even on the floor.

HEVEA’s non-toxic Placemat made from natural rubber, totally plastic free, allows your little one to enjoy eating, without making a big mess around the table. The 4 suctions on the back, makes the mat non slippery. And the high edges prevents the menu from spreading to the entire table.

We have added cute animals on both the left and the right side of the mat to encourage small talk and educational elements in a fun and cute way, making the mealtime a special occasion.

The softness of the tablemat makes it easy to fold and convenient to bring for dinner in restaurants and with friends. Further, it’s sized to fit most highchair trays. And did we say – it can go into the top rack of the dishwasher – what is not to like?

Hope you will enjoy it!


HEVEA’s 2in1 Bottle – the perfect solution!

Since launching the 2in1 Bottle, we’ve received numerous positive comments. But do you really know it? The 2in1 Baby Bottle is a fantastic HEVEA invention. It can be used both at home and when the toddler need food or water on the go. And the best part is, that the toddler can drink themselves.

As with many of our other products the functionality is dual: The Star Ball cover can be used as a toy when not used on the bottle. To help the little ones hold on to the bottle, we have added a pure natural rubber cover, which not only helps the baby to grab the bottle easily but also helps the bottle from becoming slick.

And naturally, the Star Ball Cover is made from 100 % natural rubber and completely free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colours. Excellent for both the baby and the planet.

The bottle is made from highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass and branded with beautiful HEVEA branding and with a measurement indicator. It comes with a 100% natural rubber nipple, screw thread and a hygienical dust cover.

We are extremely proud of our 2in1 Bottle. And we know, that your costumers will love and appreciate it, once you display it in your store and explain the benefits!

Problem: teething. Solution: HEVEA teethers

It’s a phase of development which all babies experience. And which many parents fear as it can result in sleepless nights and crying babies: Teething.

It’s the process by which infants teeth erupt, or break through, the gums and can change their mood from little angels into something completely different: a drawling, moody and frustrated child that doesn’t know what’s happening to them.

For many toddlers teething creates irritability, swollen gums and frustration, and they’re obviously very rarely able to identify or communicate what’s wrong. But they do feel the consequences of this major change, which is an essential part of growing up and change diet into solid food.

The period can obviously be rather frustrating for parents too, not always knowing, what’s wrong with their precious baby. The pain they feel is due to the teeth penetrating the gums. Although it can be painful, do not use frozen articles to ease the pain, as it might shortly limit the pain, but it can cause damage to the mouth. Instead give the babies plenty of care, caresses and gentle kisses and let the baby use a teether.

At HEVEA we have developed cute teethers made from natural rubber free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colours. The soft rubber encourages baby’s natural gnawing action and is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums, while extremely durable.

The multiple award-winning HEVEA Panda teether is made of 100% pure natural rubber. The cute Panda is easy to fall in love with, and even easier to grab and hold to for tiny hands.

The HEVEA Kawan teether is painted with pure natural plant pigments and helps stimulate and encourage the baby’s vision. Irritated gums will find great relief chewing the textured beak, feet, and neck. It’s soft, light and gentle, and easy to hold for even the tiniest hands.

The teething period can be difficult for both babies and parents. But there is hope. Care, caresses and kisses together with HEVEA teethers can help parents through a challenging period.


HEVEA Rubberwood

This February has been so exiting. After many months preparation and hard work, we have finally managed to officially launch our new Rubberwood line. As the name indicates, Rubberwood is the trees that is used to produce rubber. They grow for +30 years. During this period, the trees provides us with the sap, that becomes natural rubber. The trees absorb CO2 during this period and is thus actively working against global warming.

When the trees have dried out, they are harvested and the wood is being used to develop the most beautiful Rubberwood products. Since early last year, we have been working on a number of various products, which would fit into the HEVEA product range.

And now we have found it. Hooray. The first product is our Rubberwood Stool.

HEVEA Rubberwood Stool natural

The Stool is a fantastic combination of beautiful design, high safety and great usability. It’s a combination of 100% natural Rubberwood and natural rubber, so it’s solid, beautiful and completely safe. The non-slippery, natural rubber fingerprint and socks ensure increased stability.

This Friday evening, we will sit down, relax and enjoy our newest development and our new products. Just like Lucia here. But on Monday morning, we will be back in the office, making more, beautiful products – all from Rubberwood and rubber – the HEVEA way!

Have a great weekend!


Do you know that we pull-test every single HEVEA pacifier?

[KGVID poster=”https://heveaplanet.com/shop/crown-pacifier/”]https://heveaplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/IMG_5089.mov[/KGVID] .

We pull-test the pacifiers, because we want to deliver the best possible safe, non-toxic products to babies and toddlers, so you can be safe when choosing HEVEA products. Every single pacifier even have an unique identification code printed into the pacifier, so it always can be identified if something should be wrong with it. Fortunately, it has not been neccessary to use this possibility of identification and we feel confident, that it will remain this way.

Why are we telling you this?
We want to give you an insight into how we produce our products. Read more here

From the Hevea tree to product

We’ve been visiting some of the plantations and factories we work together during the last weeks. It was warm and humid, but fortunately the sun is shining, and it’s wonderful to be able to walk in the shadows of the Hevea-trees. Now, having returned to Denmark would like to give even more insight into the production of HEVEA natural rubber products.

Rubber trees grow in tropical climates, and the sap from the trees is being used to produce Hevea-products

As you probably know, all the HEVEA products are made from natural rubber. The rubber comes from the sap of the Rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis, which is tapped into containers in the early hours of the morning.



The rubber sap is then taken to the nearby factory, where it’s processed into the different HEVEA products.



Here you see the sap mixed with water. It then needs to cure as this is made into smoked sheets of natural rubber which we use for our bathmat, star ball and panda teether.



It’s an intensive proces to make natural rubber products. As you can see, parts of the proces is done with fairly old-fashioned machines. And the majority of our products are pretty labour-intensive from raw material until it reaches babies and toddlers.

Products like the Panda teether, the HEVEA Pacifiers and Alfie the rubber duck and made from pure natural rubber.

Our natural rubber pacifier gets the brown colour when curing. The process of curing is naturally done by heat and water – as you can see it starts off being white and over time it changes.


Other of our products, like the Kawan rubber duck and the Kawan teether for instance have had natural calcium added in order to achieve the beautiful white colour. After this, they are hand painted.

[KGVID]https://heveaplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/hand-painting-Kawan.mov[/KGVID] (apologies for the low photo quality!)

Yet other products – for instance the black Star Ball – have had charcoal added to them and Fred the Frog has had organic green color added in order to give him the nice transparent colour.

HEVEA is about making safe, non-toxic and beautifully designed products. It’s about how we all can contribute to making a better world by using natural products and use only what we need. We focus upon making things as natural as possible and, at the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to be even better when in making our products: better for babies (and their parents) and better for the planet.


How’s the HEVEA products made?

You probably know, that we specialises in designing, developing, producing and selling beautiful and safe, non-toxic natural rubber products. Hevea Brasiliensis, commonly known as the rubber tree, is at the core of our products, and thus we are actively fighting against climate change and for a better world. But how’s the HEVEA products made? And where does it come from?

Natural rubber comes from rubber trees. These trees have a straight trunk and grow an impressive 23 meters (75 feet) or more over their lifetime, with mature trees having a diameter of around 90 cm (3 feet).

In the plantations, there are millions of trees, which are tapped early every morning by skilled craftsmen and women. Skills and practice are required to be able to tap the tree and increase its lifespan. Rubber tapping is the process by which the latex is collected from a rubber tree. An incision is made in the tree’s bark, from which the sap then flows.

Rubber tapping is an environmentally attractive land use. Rubber trees can be sustainably harvested for approximately 35 years. During this period, the trees absorb approximately 20 kg. (45 lbs) of CO2 from the air. This way HEVEA products contribute in the fight against global warming.

Rubber trees grow in tropical climates around the world. The rubber we use, comes from trees in Southeast Asia and has the highest quality. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure good working conditions in both the plantations and in the factories. When you choose HEVEA products, you are not only choosing an excellent product for your baby or toddler – you are also choosing products which are good for the environment


YES! Natural rubber is biodegradable when exposed to sunlight, humidity and fresh air. Using Natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber, silicon or plastic, which are made from oil or petroleum, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Green fact: Did you know that it takes less than a decade for a rubber toy to dissolve whereas a plastic product takes between 500 and 1.000 years?

That’s one of the many reasons we love HEVEA.

Kawan wins award from the famous Mother&Baby magazine

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and I’ve already received a surprise present: During an award ceremony in London, hosted by famous UK magazine Mother&Baby, our lovely rubber duck Kawan, was awarded in the category Best Bathtime Product.

The Mother&Baby Awards celebrates the very best products, stores and brands around. Products are tested by an army of mums whose verdicts help decide just who deserves to get the coveted rosettes. Fortunately, they really, really liked Kawan!

One of the mothers wrote in her review:

I would choose this product above ANY other ducks on the market mainly because it is sealed. No water goes in, no nasty stuff comes out. It is safer, hygienic and you don’t need to keep washing it or buying another when it became dirty. The price you pay, is an one off payment. I used to buy ducks, frogs… they kept getting dirty inside, I kept on trashing them and buying new ones. This one is fabulous. PLUS, is made all with natural products. It can be a bath toy and a teether. It is fantastic.

I couldn’t be more grateful and happy. It makes me so utterly glad, that our products are being loved, at that parents are bathing their babies and toddlers in water free from mold and dirt.

Have a great December!