At HEVEA® we cherish the cosy moments when we bath our toddlers. There are hardly any moments more pristine and sweet.Before we made our own bath toys, we used different toys we could find in children’s stores. We naturally avoided the ones made from hard plastic, but many of the toys had ventilation holes and could squeak. After we had used them a number of times, we noticed black stuff coming from the ventilation holes. It was pretty disgusting and we stopped using them. We looked for further information and found a pretty scary book about the existing rubber ducks, which mostly actually was made from plasticWhen we started reading about what the black stuff actually was, it nearly made us sick. It was mold, potentially harmful bacteria and other similar substances. Obviously, the bath toys went directly into the bin and our mind went spinning on how this could be done different and better.As we searched the market for products which could replace the disposed bath toys, we were unable to find what we were looking for. This lead us to look into the possibility to produce what we were looking for. Some years earlier we had started producing the Hevea pacifiers, and we therefore looked into the possibility of producing Hevea bath toys.

We missioned the Force Technology Institute to perform an analysis of bath toys and bathwater. The analysis concluded, that traditional bath toys with holes often have alarmingly high amounts of bacteria and mold. Further, a large amount of plastic bath toys contains toxics and painted with paint containing lead, which can spread to the water. Please see the analysis here.

The result of the analysis is very convincing: If you want your child to avoid the risk of being exposed to mold, bacteria and other harmful substances, you need to avoid plastic toys. And be aware, that most of the so-called rubber ducks in the market actually still is made from plastic!

This is why Hevea Planet’s bath toys, teethers and pacifiers are created with a one-piece design that has no holes, no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide in, making them some of the most hygienic bath toys on the market. And all Hevea products are naturally BPA, phthalates, and PVC-free and made from natural rubber.

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