Rubberwood is back

As you hopefully know, HEVEA is designing, developing and producing the coolest, most beautiful, eco-friendly natural rubber products. But do you also know, that they make the most wonderful products in Rubberwood – HEVEA now makes both Rattles and Stools? Rubberwood is a beautiful type of wood. It’s safe and absolutely non-toxic. It’s an extremely environmentally friendly product. The tree absorbs CO2 during its growth period which ensures that it fits perfectly into the HEVEA products range.

“When we started making Rubberwood products, we didn’t quite know that to expect,” CEO and founder of HEVEA, Terese said. “But the request was massive which made us both happy and frustrated. Happy, because our products were highly requested, but also frustrated as we didn’t have enough products in stock. Fortunately, now we have been able to re-stock both the Rubberwood Stool and upgraded the Rubberwood Rattle, so it’s even stronger and still very stylish.”

The Rubberwood Stool is a fantastic combination of beautiful design, high safety and great usability. It’s a combination of 100% natural Rubberwood and natural rubber, so it’s solid, beautiful and completely safe. The non-slippery, natural rubber fingerprint and socks ensure increased stability.

“We are extremely satisfied with our the Rubberwood Collection”, says Terese, “and we know both the Stool and the Rattle will be treasured by children and their parents now and for many years to come.”

Do you know that we pull-test every single HEVEA pacifier?

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We pull-test the pacifiers, because we want to deliver the best possible safe, non-toxic products to babies and toddlers, so you can be safe when choosing HEVEA products. Every single pacifier even have an unique identification code printed into the pacifier, so it always can be identified if something should be wrong with it. Fortunately, it has not been neccessary to use this possibility of identification and we feel confident, that it will remain this way.

Why are we telling you this?
We want to give you an insight into how we produce our products. Read more here