The first item designed and produced by HEVEA

The idea of making the pacifier came about when our founder, Terese, couldn’t find a smartly designed natural rubber pacifier for her new-born baby, and simply decided to make one herself. Together with graphic designer Ida, and after a few focus groups with parents and grandparents, the butterfly-shaped pacifier was developed. We designed the pacifier for maximum functionality.
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The grip is a safety requirement, and we made the ring big enough for a bigger finger.
Our teats are ventilated, which means that air can flow into the teat to make sucking easier. They are gentler on the teeth as well, and are therefore also recommended by dentists.
The seamless design makes the pacifier easy to keep clean and very hygienic – there are no joints where dirt can accumulate.
We created four ventilation holes, and designed them with four different themes to add a little fun: star & moon, car & UFO, crowns, flowers, and ducks.

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