The first item designed and produced by HEVEA

The idea of making the pacifier came about when our founder, Terese, couldn’t find a smartly designed natural rubber pacifier for her new-born baby, and simply decided to make one herself. Together with graphic designer Ida, and after a few focus groups with parents and grandparents, the butterfly-shaped pacifier was developed. We designed the pacifier for maximum functionality. In doubt which pacifier shape to choose? Read our Pacifier Guide here.
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The grip is a safety requirement, and we made the ring big enough for an adult finger.
The seamless design makes the pacifier easy to keep clean and very hygienic – there are no joints where dirt can accumulate.
We created four ventilation holes, and designed them with three different themes to add a little fun: star & moon, crowns and ducks.
The world loves HEVEA. Eco-Celebrities from Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, to Alicia Keys and Evangeline Lilly, have opted to use the HEVEA Pacifier for their little one.

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