Our founder

Meet our founder, Terese Hoffeldt, who started HEVEA shortly after becoming a mother, wishing to make a difference in the world. Here she shares her personal story and how it has been intertwined with the story of HEVEA.


My Story

Beginning at the end: When I first became a mother, my world changed overnight, as it does for everyone who becomes a parent. Sadly, I also lost my own beloved mother 10 days after my daughter Augusta’s arrival. Augusta has therefore always been my true angel, bringing joy in the darkest time of my life. These events naturally changed my view of life, and I decided to begin at the end: What did I myself expect to gain from my life? What would be said and written about me once I was gone? Now, I certainly hope that I will be known for loving trees so much that they will be there for generations to come, for being a green entrepreneur and, I hope, at the same time a great mother, wife and friend.

The story of a product

Before I founded HEVEA, I worked for Mars. One of the brand’s five pillars is “Make a difference”. However, I never felt that I was contributing to the good of the world (although everyone loves chocolate, and it might make you a little happier in the short run), so when I saw the gap in the baby market for a cool-design all-natural rubber baby’s pacifier, I went for it. I have been fortunate to have a husband who has supported me in taking the risk of becoming self-employed, and I am proud of leaving my personal fingerprint on a contribution for generations to come.


A story of values

Being brought up in the Danish countryside in the 1970s with two teachers as parents, I learned to value nature, to be non-materialistic, and to appreciate that less is more. This still determines my way of living. However, after studying and living in London for many years, I found my passion for business – the drive to make a difference and to be the best at it. Not for the money, but for the success of growing something.

This approach might not be the most Danish of values, but I strongly feel that you should do what you are best at and make an effort. Never sit down and expect others to help you! I believe that we are all born with talent and individual strengths which we need to identify and use. I also believe we should use our abilities to contribute to the greater good – and let our actions leave positive, green fingerprints, to preserve and protect the world we leave to our children.