Give yourself one thing less to worry about

Once we become parents, we spend a great deal of our time planning, looking ahead, taking care to ensure that we think of everything for our children’s comfort. At HEVEA, it is our privilege to take care of your worries, giving you more time to take care of your child.

Like your own toothbrush, pacifiers have to be replaced every two months for reasons of hygiene, no matter which pacifier you choose.

The Pacifier Subscription Plan means we take care of that for you, and send you (depending on your choice) four, eight or twelve new pacifiers every other month.

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A pacifier suited to your child

A pacifier suited to your child

We only use natural rubber for our pacifiers, designed to keep your child safe and comforted. Our pacifiers come in three different shapes and two sizes, so it’s easy to choose one that makes your child feel comforted and well looked after.

In doubt which pacifier shape to choose?
Read our Pacifier Guide here.