Sustainability, recycling and environmentally care are more than just a buzzword to us. These are the very reasons why we started HEVEA – to create a natural alternative to plastic for babies and children.

We are focusing on being sustainable in every possible way and we are taking actions to make a positive and meaningful change both socially, environmentally, in our community and around the world.

We very much hope to inspire and encourage our suppliers, sub-suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, customers and the generations ahead to recycle and be as sustainable, and as conscientious, as possible.

B Corp™ is the only certification that measures and balances purpose and profit. We are legally required to consider the impact we have on our workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

natural rubber 

The natural rubber we use is sourced from a FSC® certified plantation on the border between Malaysia and Thailand. We use sap of the highest quality from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Our manufacturer refines the raw material, and makes the most beautiful rubber products in both the classic, raw amber colour - and then in soft colours by adding FDA-approved pigments for food content.

Natural rubber is eco-friendly, sustainable and compostable and a fantastic alternative to silicone, plastic and other petrochemical materials.

Upcycled rubber

As the first company in the baby business, we’ve been able to be even more eco-friendly with our rubber usage. For our upcycled range, we use high-quality leftover material from our natural rubber production. Instead of throwing away the material, we’re turning trash into treasure, giving it new life, minimising waste and making truly positive fingerprints on the planet.

It’s actually been such a huge success that our manufacturer has turned to other natural rubber manufacturers to purchase their high-quality rubber offcuts to meet our request for upcycled products - and that’s only a good thing for our planet!

borosilicate glass

Our glass bottles are all made from Borosilicate glass. They are all made in the EU and have a smooth and nonporous surface and of the highest quality.

Glass is a classic and fantastic alternative to silicone, plastic and other petrochemical materials. Recent studies have verified, that there are nano and microplastics in many different drinking cups and plastic bottles, which frequently are provided to children


Our Rubberwood range is made from Hevea trees which also supply us with our beloved natural rubber sap. The impressive Hevea Brasiliensis trees can supply rubber sap for up to 30 years. During that period the trees absorb CO2, which works against climate warming. But after that period, they dry out and can no longer be used for rubber tapping. But we can still use the “Malaysian Oak”, as it’s known. It’s both strong and beautiful and the wood’s high quality makes it core in all of our Rubberwood products. By using the wood, we use all the different parts of the tree.

Did you know, that HEVEA plants Hevea Brasiliensis trees in the plantations on the border between Malaysia and Thailand, but also in Amazonas together with Tree Nation? Discover our forest (Link: