Big Bath Mat (Granite)

Add a splash of colour from nature's unique palette with our granite-themed Big Bath Mat. Made from upcycled rubber, this mat is not lacking in beauty, quality, sustainability, and functionality. Together we can make the future of our planet as firm as a rock. Our Big Bath Mat is slip-proof with rubber cups that ensure maximum grip on the surface of your bathroom floor.


  • Made from 100%, upcycled natural rubber
  • Free of toxic materials and entirely plant-based
  • Soft and gentle to touch
  • Possesses 299 suction cups for grip to surfaces
  • Made with FDA approved and mineral-based colour
  • Appropriate size for a bath mat (75 x 34 cm / 13.4 × 29.5 in.)
  • Also available in Sand and Marble variants.

Benefits of the HEVEA® Big Bath Mat (Granite)

  • Safe to use and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable upcycled natural rubber
  • Protected from slips with 299 suction cups
  • Comfort, beauty, and class guaranteed

The Upcycled natural rubber used in making these mats is obtained from cutouts and leftover materials from our natural rubber production process. As a brand, we take it upon ourselves to limit waste thrown into the environment by putting it to good use. Hence, we prove our concern for the safety of the planet true and functional.