Breed Collection Dog Chew Toy There's nothing better than the company of a puppy is there? Our parade of puppies in our Breed Collection give your dog adorable options of a good playmate; made of natural rubber. What's more? You can keep a collection of different breeds.

And like all HEVEA products, our 100% natural rubber Breed Collection Chew Toys are eco-friendly and safe for both your dog and for the planet.  

The Benefits of the HEVEA® Breed Collection Chew Toys:

  • NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG – Our 100% natural rubber puppies are are vegan certified and completely free from nasties such as plastic, PVC, BPA, petroleum, and phthalates
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Not only are our Breed Collection Chew Toys 100% biodegradable, so is their packaging  
  • DANISH DESIGN – Not only do we hope you can find a match for your best friend with our variety of dog breeds in the collection, their packaging folds up to become a dog house, so while this toy is sturdy enough to act as a chew toy, it can also be a fun toy or decoration dog-lovers of all ages!
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN – No holes, mean our toys are easy to keep clean of mold and other nasties! Just wipe with a warm cloth  
  • DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY – Our Breed Collection Chew Toys will withstand many a bite!