HEVEA pet products are not only eco-friendly and safe for the planet, but they are also safe for your dog. They are tested at the same level as our baby products in fact - ensuring that you can rest assured that our natural rubber pet products are perfectly safe for your pup! 
The HEVEA Galaxy Dog Throw Toy is a sleek catch activity toy for a day out at the park with your dog!

Benefits of the HEVEA Galaxy Dog Throw Toy

  • NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG – Our 100% natural rubber dog toys are vegan certified and completely free from plastic, silicone, petroleum, heavy metals, PVC, and phthalates. Additionally, our food-grade color pigments are also natural 
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Rubber is an eco-friendly natural material and will biodegrade when no longer in use
  • DANISH DESIGN - A beautiful timeless throw toy that will live up to bites and play
  • THE PERFECT SIZE - This is the perfect eco-friendly dog toy for puppies, small, and medium dogs
  • HYGIENIC – Incredibly easy to clean - just wipe clean with warm water