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The combination of the orthodontic Pistachio and Fudge coloured natural rubber pacifiers is perfect for the baby or toddler (3-36 months) spending much of their time in pact with nature.

The two colours are a mixture of the sweet yet salty taste of one of nature’s most precious gifts blended with indulgence to give away into a joyful bite of fudge caramel. The mixture of the colours provide a feeling of being grounded and in contact with the essence of life.

Pistachio is inspired by one of nature’s kindest gifts. The light green colour is reminiscent of the perfect mixture between salt and sweetness filling the brain with joy and satisfaction. Fudge is inspired by the softness of caramel, gently melting in the mouth and releasing relaxing endorphins after a day, which started early and gave lots of time for cuddles and kisses with your loved ones.