Rubberwood Nordic Artic Animals Polar bear, Wolf & Moose

  • A beautiful, sustainable gifting option for children
  • Handmade and hand painted in Sri Lanka – each animal is made uniquely with their own look – just like nature intended!
  • Made from sustainable Fairtrade rubberwood
  • Plastic-free, vegan & non-toxic
  • Beautiful packaging that can be coloured in to create a wonderland at home, encouraging second-life packaging and creativity all in one!
  • FDA approved & mineral based colour pigments used for colouring
  • The animals are produced in solid Fairtrade rubberwood, and each purchase contributes to empowering women in Sri Lanka. We work closely with a manufacturer with a special emphasis on ensuring good working conditions, who pays women in the factory double the minimum wages.
  • When you purchase one set of HEVEA Rubberwood Nordic Animals, this will enable one of the staff members in Sri Lanka to pay for food for their children for a week, which is key to ensure that their children are able to go to school.

More than just a box

When we create something at HEVEA we like to think of every part of the journey - even when a product finds its new home. With the Rubberwood Nordic Animals, we wanted to encourage creativity with the packaging, reducing waste and prolonging the lifespan of the packaging, hopefully making it part of the story for the little keepers of the forest!