Play with HEVEA’s award-winning Pond Colourful 

At HEVEA we love to make products which is meant to be used for playing. And we are extremely proud that a lot of others love our products too.  Most recently, our beloved Pond Colourful has been awarded with the prestigious Loved By Parents Platinum award.

HEVEA’s Pond Colourful contains three massively adorable toys: Alfie the rubber duck, green Fred the frog and black Molly the fish. They are made from natural rubber and produced in a people- and planet friendly manner.

As all of HEVEAs items, they are naturally completely free from BPA, phthalates, plastics, petroleum and PVC. All the items are coloured with organic food grade pigments, to give them that cute, transparent colour. They are perfect for playing!

But HEVEA’s bath toys are not just cute on the outside. There is no perforations or hole in the bottom, which means you will not find grime or mould build up inside the bath toys, which you will see in most other bath toys.

The loveable HEVEA bath toys are soft and malleable, yet durable and prefect for babies and toddlers. They are easy to grasp and squeeze for even the tiniest hands, encouraging baby’s all-important early development skills while having fun playing.

HEVEA Coloured Pond comes in a stylish packaging and is ideal for gifting.

We are proud to receive the LBP award. And we are confident, that you will love it too!

Kawan wins award from the famous Mother&Baby magazine

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and I’ve already received a surprise present: During an award ceremony in London, hosted by famous UK magazine Mother&Baby, our lovely rubber duck Kawan, was awarded in the category Best Bathtime Product.

The Mother&Baby Awards celebrates the very best products, stores and brands around. Products are tested by an army of mums whose verdicts help decide just who deserves to get the coveted rosettes. Fortunately, they really, really liked Kawan!

One of the mothers wrote in her review:

I would choose this product above ANY other ducks on the market mainly because it is sealed. No water goes in, no nasty stuff comes out. It is safer, hygienic and you don’t need to keep washing it or buying another when it became dirty. The price you pay, is an one off payment. I used to buy ducks, frogs… they kept getting dirty inside, I kept on trashing them and buying new ones. This one is fabulous. PLUS, is made all with natural products. It can be a bath toy and a teether. It is fantastic.

I couldn’t be more grateful and happy. It makes me so utterly glad, that our products are being loved, at that parents are bathing their babies and toddlers in water free from mold and dirt.

Have a great December!