Why did I start with HEVEA?

This young girl was the main reasons HEVEA was established:

When I had my child 11 years ago, I was looking for a pacifier, which we could give to our daughter. It had to be completely free from plastic, silicone and other artificial substances and completely non-toxic. At the same time, it had to look stunning and be environmentally friendly.

Why? Because every parent want the best for your children. And so did I! Further, I wanted raise awareness about the consequences of the massive (over-)use of plastic. A topic which is now high in the public agenda, and which we will continue to focus upon in everything we do at HEVEA.

I identified potential manifactures, and managed to find one who could make the completely natural rubber pacifier I wanted to produce. The rest is – as they say – history. HEVEA’s products are now being sold in +50 countries, where customers are moving away from plastic and towards more natural products.

Thank you so much to all our partners and customers in continuously making products better for the babies AND better for the Planet.


From the Hevea tree to product

We’ve been visiting some of the plantations and factories we work together during the last weeks. It was warm and humid, but fortunately the sun is shining, and it’s wonderful to be able to walk in the shadows of the Hevea-trees. Now, having returned to Denmark would like to give even more insight into the production of HEVEA natural rubber products.

Rubber trees grow in tropical climates, and the sap from the trees is being used to produce Hevea-products

As you probably know, all the HEVEA products are made from natural rubber. The rubber comes from the sap of the Rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis, which is tapped into containers in the early hours of the morning.


The rubber sap is then taken to the nearby factory, where it’s processed into the different HEVEA products.


Here you see the sap mixed with water. It then needs to cure as this is made into smoked sheets of natural rubber which we use for our bathmat, star ball and panda teether.


It’s an intensive proces to make natural rubber products. As you can see, parts of the proces is done with fairly old-fashioned machines. And the majority of our products are pretty labour-intensive from raw material until it reaches babies and toddlers.

Products like the Panda teether, the HEVEA Pacifiers and Alfie the rubber duck and made from pure natural rubber.

Our natural rubber pacifier gets the brown colour when curing. The process of curing is naturally done by heat and water – as you can see it starts off being white and over time it changes.


Other of our products, like the Kawan rubber duck and the Kawan teether for instance have had natural calcium added in order to achieve the beautiful white colour. After this, they are hand painted.

(apologies for the low photo quality!)

Yet other products – for instance the black Star Ball – have had charcoal added to them and Fred the Frog has had organic green color added in order to give him the nice transparent colour.

HEVEA is about making safe, non-toxic and beautifully designed products. It’s about how we all can contribute to making a better world by using natural products and use only what we need. We focus upon making things as natural as possible and, at the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to be even better when in making our products: better for babies (and their parents) and better for the planet.