HEVEA Placemat. Your safe, eco-friendly non-toxic way to minimize chaos, when the youngest start eating solid foods

When babies become toddlers and change from liquid to solid food, parent’s need’s changes too. The menu on the plate is purees, porridge and similar. This is obviously really cute. But it can also be a mess. Actually, it can be rather chaotic, and food spreads frequently over large parts of the table or even on the floor.

HEVEA’s non-toxic Placemat made from natural rubber, totally plastic free, allows your little one to enjoy eating, without making a big mess around the table. The 4 suctions on the back, makes the mat non slippery. And the high edges prevents the menu from spreading to the entire table.

We have added cute animals on both the left and the right side of the mat to encourage small talk and educational elements in a fun and cute way, making the mealtime a special occasion.

The softness of the tablemat makes it easy to fold and convenient to bring for dinner in restaurants and with friends. Further, it’s sized to fit most highchair trays. And did we say – it can go into the top rack of the dishwasher – what is not to like?

Hope you will enjoy it!