HEVEA Rubberwood

This February has been so exiting. After many months preparation and hard work, we have finally managed to officially launch our new Rubberwood line. As the name indicates, Rubberwood is the trees that is used to produce rubber. They grow for +30 years. During this period, the trees provides us with the sap, that becomes natural rubber. The trees absorb CO2 during this period and is thus actively working against global warming.

When the trees have dried out, they are harvested and the wood is being used to develop the most beautiful Rubberwood products. Since early last year, we have been working on a number of various products, which would fit into the HEVEA product range.

And now we have found it. Hooray. The first product is our Rubberwood Stool.

HEVEA Rubberwood Stool natural

The Stool is a fantastic combination of beautiful design, high safety and great usability. It’s a combination of 100% natural Rubberwood and natural rubber, so it’s solid, beautiful and completely safe. The non-slippery, natural rubber fingerprint and socks ensure increased stability.

This Friday evening, we will sit down, relax and enjoy our newest development and our new products. Just like Lucia here. But on Monday morning, we will be back in the office, making more, beautiful products – all from Rubberwood and rubber – the HEVEA way!

Have a great weekend!