1 0 Y E A R S

(…it’s a bit long but we have something I would love to share with you!)

In 2009 HEVEA was launched with our (now) iconic all-natural rubber pacifier (2 shapes and sizes) and a strong ambition to make things better and raise awareness about the massive overuse of plastic, which now mainstream. At that time I had an interesting (and well-paid) job but wanted to make a positive difference on the environment and wanted to avoid plastic for their children, so she started on my entrepreneurial career.

When HEVEA was started, we had a little storage facility, with insufficient room for the 40.000 pacifiers which arrived by container from Malaysia. I, together with my husband, packed the pacifiers in shipment boxes at night in own tiny house and took them by bike to the local post office. It was hectic, inspiring and intense, with two children age 0 and 1 1/2. At times it was hard. Hard to sell enough, hard to convince shops and retailers around the world of including the products from a small brand from Denmark, and hard to make a bit of bucks.

Fortunately, the pacifiers filled a gap in the market and with time the interest for eco-friendly and non-toxic products increased. And so did our staff and the number of products we produce. Now, in 2019, it’s 10 years since HEVEA was established. It’s been a long, cumbersome and fascinating journey. We’ve developed so much as a company. Besides the pacifiers, we make bath toys (not least the Kawan in the first photo), teethers, Glass baby bottles, Rubberwood Stools and a lot of other beautiful items.

And we will continue focus on being even more eco-friendly and make beautiful green fingerprints on our planet. I am so thankful for the support from clients, retailers, partner and – not least – end users and their parents. And just as important, we are happy, that more and more are interested in how we treat our wonderful planet, and how we can take care of it, so many future generations also can enjoy it. As you know, there is no Planet B!

Next month we will launch a number of new products. We are thrilled to see, how they will be received, but we are also very confident, as it’s some of the best products we’ve made so far…much more will follow in the weeks and months to come.

Plastic is passé. Natural is NOW!