Kawan Around the World

So, where will you spend your holiday?

That’s a question you most probably have to answer a lot of times these days. Perhaps you are flying to exotic beaches with shallow crystal waters. Or it might be you will spend a large part of the holiday in a tent in the wilderness. Or perhaps you will stay at home enjoying your local area. No matter where you will be, you will be looking for good experiences and enjoyable moments together with friends.

At HEVEA we have a very good friend called Kawan, which actually means “friend” in Malay. Kawan is the most loveable and cute rubber duck you can imagine. All Kawans are handmade from natural rubber, where we have added natural plant pigments and hand painted it’s beek and feet. It has numerous functions and can be used for bathing, teething and naturally for nearly all kinds of playing.

For both toddlers and children, it’s important to have a good friend by their side. And Kawan would love to be that friend. For Kawan, it’s not important where you’re going or what you’re doing – all that’s matter is to be with its friend.

This Summer, we would love to see, where you, your costumers and everybody else is bringing Kawan. That’s why we will have a “Kawan around the World” competition, where we would love everybody to post photos of the cute duckie on our Instagram.  At the end of August, we will reward the cutest photo with the hashtag #kawanaroundtheworld and @heveababy with a 70EUR voucher to purchase HEVEA products.

I wish you the happiest of holidays!


From the Hevea tree to product

We’ve been visiting some of the plantations and factories we work together during the last weeks. It was warm and humid, but fortunately the sun is shining, and it’s wonderful to be able to walk in the shadows of the Hevea-trees. Now, having returned to Denmark would like to give even more insight into the production of HEVEA natural rubber products.

Rubber trees grow in tropical climates, and the sap from the trees is being used to produce Hevea-products

As you probably know, all the HEVEA products are made from natural rubber. The rubber comes from the sap of the Rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis, which is tapped into containers in the early hours of the morning.



The rubber sap is then taken to the nearby factory, where it’s processed into the different HEVEA products.



Here you see the sap mixed with water. It then needs to cure as this is made into smoked sheets of natural rubber which we use for our bathmat, star ball and panda teether.



It’s an intensive proces to make natural rubber products. As you can see, parts of the proces is done with fairly old-fashioned machines. And the majority of our products are pretty labour-intensive from raw material until it reaches babies and toddlers.

Products like the Panda teether, the HEVEA Pacifiers and Alfie the rubber duck and made from pure natural rubber.

Our natural rubber pacifier gets the brown colour when curing. The process of curing is naturally done by heat and water – as you can see it starts off being white and over time it changes.


Other of our products, like the Kawan rubber duck and the Kawan teether for instance have had natural calcium added in order to achieve the beautiful white colour. After this, they are hand painted.

[KGVID]https://heveaplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/hand-painting-Kawan.mov[/KGVID] (apologies for the low photo quality!)

Yet other products – for instance the black Star Ball – have had charcoal added to them and Fred the Frog has had organic green color added in order to give him the nice transparent colour.

HEVEA is about making safe, non-toxic and beautifully designed products. It’s about how we all can contribute to making a better world by using natural products and use only what we need. We focus upon making things as natural as possible and, at the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to be even better when in making our products: better for babies (and their parents) and better for the planet.


Traveling with Kids to Thailand

Our graphic designer, Ida, went on holiday in Thailand. Here is her suggestion for “the perfect beach holiday kit” and a bit about traveling with kids

Before I became a mom, I was a real backpacker traveling around Thailand, The Philippines & Indonesia.

But since the little ones, came into my life I was suddenly deadly afraid of traveling and exploring in the same sense as earlier, and it took me 3 years to finally get a grip and book the tickets to Bangkok.

Then I went into the phase of speculations and spent many sleepless nights telling myself ’it was ok bringing them to the other end of the world – even putting them through ‘dangers’ as driving without auto chairs AND seatbelts, sailing in old outdated ferries, eating food made in kitchens that would have been closed down by the authorities in Europe and living it huts surrounded by lethal creeps and parasites:0)

But from the second I set my feet on Thai ground I felt safe even without all the safety that is a must in our everyday live here in Denmark.

The worries simply left me like dew under the (Thai) sun, and now I’m again addicted to traveling in Asia – WITH KIDS

Kids are just so easy to travel with. Opposite adults, they don’t bark about bad weather, don’t complain about the heat – every inch of the journey is an adventure, and every ant they meet in their bed or gecko in the ceiling at bedtime is a gift.

The 3 weeks were kicked off with 2 days in the busy metropole and Thai capital, Bangkok.

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities – it is so diverse, alive and truly an inspiration – and I think it’s really healthy for the kids to see that life can be very different from theirs and learn about the diverse world we live in.

The rest of the holiday was spent in or by water on the calm island of Koh Phanghan, unwinding and playing.

We always bring sunscreen clothes, it is so much easier than hunting the kids around trying to make sure they’re safely covered in sun cream all over the body, and of course a good waterproof sun cream on the uncovered parts. You should not bring much clothes and if you miss something buy it much cheaper there.

We always bring a few toys and small books, it’s nice for the kids to have something well-known when you are traveling around. Kawan was a true play friend as he is at home, he was buried, washed and had his own throne of sand made, and perfect as a ’ball’ for throw and catch and he doesn’t fill or weigh much in the baggage.

Muslins have been a returning part of our hand luggage traveling with kids, as they are very big and soft we use it as a blanket or pillow in the plain, boat, bus and at night time, to cover the shoulders in the sun…

In the toiletry we always bring our own organic anti-itch products for mosquito bites as most of the products you can buy in Asia contain stuff you wouldn’t want to use on a child and the table of Contents is often only in the local language which makes it hard to understand. You can buy sun cream on the destination but we though always bring our ’green’ stuff from home + after sun.

Villas aged 3’s motto seems to be higher, faster, wilder which caused several bruises on the trip, he really challenge my nerves sometimes – pew!! Anyway this time we brought some disinfection plaster where the pad contains clorhexidin, and they were very effective and kept his wounds clean and uninfected, I will definitely bring it next time too.

Now where back home after a fantastic journey – looking forward and dreaming to the next.

Enjoy your holiday!!

Ida xxx


Organic – No more insect itch
Green People sun cream – SPF 25
Green People after Sun
Sunscreen clothes SPF 50
An organic Muslin
Anti-bacteria plaster – Hansaplast
Small books
Bathing shoes