The Hevea Difference

Natural Rubber vs Plastic

HEVEA is driven by the love for natural rubber, and the challenge of doing everything in a safe and toxic-free way.

With our Danish design heritage; simplicity and functionality define our solutions. Everything is made for a reason, and each item has its own story and unique design.

Rubber trees have a straight trunk and grow an impressive 23 meters/75 feet or more over their lifetime, with mature trees having a diameter of around 90 cm/3 feet. Rubber tapping is the process by which the latex is collected from a rubber tree. An incision is made in the tree’s bark, from which the sap then flows. Rubber tapping is an environmentally attractive land use. The trees can be sustainably harvested for approximately 35 years.

Natural rubber is biodegradable by being exposed to sunlight, humidity and fresh air. Using Natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber made from oil/petroleum, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Our planet is affected by everything we do. What we eat, drive and buy has a real-life impact on our habitat. We all leave our fingerprints on the planet. And, luckily, we all get to decide what kind of fingerprints we leave. It’s our hope at HEVEA that our work, our products, will help you leave a fingerprint to be proud of.

Plastic on the other hand is not a natural resource. Plastic is a petroleum product, whose toxicity is now been proven as it may contains hazardous materials such as lead, PBDEs (flame retardant), mercury, antimony, cadmium, arsenic, polyvinyl chloride and phthalates which are added to vinyl toys to soften them.

As if this wasn’t enough, plastic is a major contributor of environmental pollution and indirectly of climate change.

One Piece Design #NOHOLENOMOLD

The inspiration for our bath toys came when Terese read the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck and realized that her children were exposed to toxic bath water when playing with their plastic toys in the bath.

The problem wasn’t just the plastic leaching toxic material in the water, but also the fact that most of the traditional bath toys once wet, would harvest the growth of harmful mold and bacteria.

This is why Hevea Planet’s bath toys , teethers and pacifiers are created with a ONE-PIECE design that has NO HOLES, no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide in, making them some of the most hygienic bath toys on the market.

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The Iconic Pacifier

Not all pacifiers are built equally. The Hevea pacifier was designed and built with function and safety in mind:

The iconic buttlerfly shape with the 4 themed ventilation holes was designed to be both looking sweet but also to give space for nose and chin

We created the themes of the ventilation holes both for fun, safe and for easy recognition. Today we have 5 different: star & moon, car & ufo, crowns, flowers and ducks.

The grip is a safety requirement, and Hevea’s pacifier has a ring big enough for an adult finger to fit, reducing choking hazards.

The teats are ventilated, which means that air can flow into the teat to make sucking easier. They are gentler on the teeth as well, and preferred by dentists.

The grip is a safety requirement, and we made the ring big enough for an adult finger.

Our teats are ventilated, which means that air can flow into the teat to make sucking easier. They are gentler on the teeth as well, and are therefore also recommended by dentists.

The seamless design makes the pacifier easy to keep clean and very hygienic – there are no joints where dirt can accumulate.

We created four ventilation holes, and designed them with four different themes to add a little fun: star & moon, car & ufo, crowns, flowers, and ducks.