Squeeze'n'Splash Whale & Turtle Bath Toys Gift Set -

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HEVEA® Squeeze'n'Splash bath toys are made from 100% upcycled natural rubber - nature’s safest material for your baby and child as well as making them extremely earth-friendly as they will biodegrade when they are no longer in use.

Our Squeeze’n’Splash Bath Toy range is made up of adorable sea creatures that will add an extra splash to your child’s bath time! Fill them with water, squeeze their tummies, and watch them splash! Plus, they suction onto the side of your tub or shower - bringing a natural joy to bath time fun!

Designed in Denmark, our bath toys are designed with a deeper purpose - with hygiene in mind. Their bottom can be removed and their large hole ensures they are easy to keep clean and dry - preventing the build up of hidden mould and bacteria found in many bath toys!

DESIGNED FOR BATH TIME FUN! Fill these adorable sea creatures with water, squeeze their tummies, and watch them make a splash! Plus, their bottoms suction to the side of the bath or shower

HYGIENIC & MOULD-FREE – Designed with a removable bottle and large hole, it is easy to clean and dry our toys - avoiding build up of mould and bacteria

NATURAL MATERIALS – SAFE FOR YOUR BABY & CHILD – Made from 100% natural rubber, our Squeeze & Splash Toys are free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates &other nasties. They are plant-based and vegan certified, with natural mineral-based colour pigments

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET –Since rubber is an eco-friendly natural material, it will biodegrade when no longer in use. Our packaging is also biodegradable. Additionally, our bath toys are made from upcycled rubber - off cuts of material leftover from our natural rubber production process - limiting waste and putting it to good use - zero waste!

PERFECT FOR A DAY AT THE POOL – go beyond bath time and back these fun splash toys for a day at the pool

Before using for the first time, rinse with warm water.

After play, remove the bottom of the toy, and rinse both the toy and the bottom with fresh water. Shake to remove water and leave sitting upright to fully dry, or dry with a towel, storing in a clean dry place. Since HEVEA bath toys are made from natural materials, do not store in direct sun.

Note: Our bath toys are made of 100% Natural rubber with natural mineral colour dyes. This means they may change in colour over time - don’t worry, they remain safe!