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The planet carries our fingerprints

Every single thing we do affects our planet and has implications for the world we leave behind for future generations. HEVEA produces sustainable, non-toxic products made solely from hevea, the rubber tree. We aim to have an actual effect on how consumers all over the globe relate to what they consume, hoping that the fingerprints we leave together might be sustainable ones.

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Our Commitment

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Add your Hevea baby to the community

  • During the upcoming season many will travel abroad together with friends. At HEVEA we have the cute rubber duckie named Kawan, which means friend in Malay. @stasa_klemen decided to bring her Kawan to Barcelona. Hope you had a great trip?! In July and August we’d love to hear where you and your Kawan is going. More will follow ...💕🌿🦆
  • Look at those tiny fingers! 😍
Beautiful flowers and beautiful HEVEA Rubberwood Rattle 💕
  • This very young lady loves her HEVEA pacifier. And we absolutely adore her💕 Welcome to the 🌍 💚  And thank you for the lovely 📷 @elleivyandi
  • Have a great weekend filled with joy, laughter and most importantly love 💕 Thanks for the wonderful 📷 @desireebeuzenberg
  • Rubberwood Stool in natural wood and marshmallow white 🌿
Made from solid Rubberwood and natural rubber socks and fingerprint on top, to minimize risk of slipping 💕
  • How about this for cuteness? We absolutely adore her 😍
Thanks for the lovely 📷@jennawilber 💕
  • Our Rubberwood Rattle is made from decommissioned rubber trees and natural rubber 💕
If you’re looking for a natural rattle, this is as cute and natural as it gets ❤️😊💚
Now available in blue, pink and natural wood 🌿
  • The Kawan Teether and Rattle Gift Set! 💫
Perfect as 🎁 or as a treat for your own little ❤️