Galaxy Dog Throw & Fetch Disc in Natural Rubber -

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The HEVEA Galaxy Dog Throw & Fetch Disc is a sleek throw & fetch toy. Danish designed to caught in flight, and great for playing on the beach as it floats in the case your dog wants some water play! It is durable by design and strong enough to withstand bites, yet soft enough to be safe for teeth.

By choosing a biodegradable HEVEA natural rubber toy, you are personally making a positive environmental impact by reducing waste and leaving greener paw prints for future generations.

And, not only are HEVEA products better for the planet, they are also safer for your pup! Did you know that there are no requirements for testing pet products for safety? Not to worry as HEVEA pet products are tested at the same level as our baby products. Rest assured that our natural rubber pet products are made from the safest of natural materials with no hidden nasties.


THE PERFECT FETCH TOY – A sleek frisbee-shaped toy, designed to be caught in flight. Fits in your jacket pocket so easy to always have it on the go. Plus, it floats if you are playing catch on the beach!

DURABLE HIGH QUALITY NATURAL RUBBER - made from natural rubber which is not only the safe choice for the health of your dog and the planet, it is a high quality natural material that is malleable and soft on teeth and gums, yet robust if chewed (Not recommended for heavy chewers)

HYGIENIC ONE-PIECE DESIGN - No holes or attachments so easy to keep clean and - just rinse & go!

TESTED SAFE FOR YOUR DOG – Our 100% natural rubber dog toys are vegan certified and completely free from plastic, silicone, petroleum, heavy metals, PVC, and phthalates. Additionally, our FDA approved food-grade color pigments are also natural with no harmful nasties to leach into your dog’s mouth

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS (AND PAW PRINTS) FOR OUR PLANET – For earth conscious dog parents –giving you the piece of mind that at the end of their use, our natural rubber pet products biodegrade naturally (unlike plastic and silicone) + so will our packaging


Replace any tennis balls in your fetch routine – they contain toxins and are not good for your dog's teeth –natural rubber is soft on teeth and much safer for your pup


Breed Size Recommendation: Puppies, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds (Not recommended for heavy chewers)
Eco-friendly: Compostable & Biodegrades Naturally
Made From: 100% Natural Rubber
Free of: Plastic & Silicone Free, BPA Free, Phthalates Free, PVC Free
Recommended Use: Throw & Fetch, Playing, (Not recommended for heavy chewers)
Special Features: Floats if playing near water
Size Dimensions: 12 cm /4.7 inches

Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. If cleaning a licking mat, bend the mat under running water to flush out any food left behind.

For deeper cleans, you can boil water and then pour over the HEVEA dog product and let sit for up to 5 minutes in the water. Remove and wipe dry.

To remove deep dirt or mould, you can use this additional eco-friendly and cost-effective deep cleaning tip - Combine two parts warm water and one part white vinegar. Let product soak in the mixture or sponge it on. The acid in the vinegar will naturally dissolve most of the dirt or mould, so you do not need to use soap. Leave the product in for an hour and wipe the product and rinse it with fresh water before use again.

It is not recommended to clean natural rubber products in a dishwasher. While it can be done, it will decrease the life of the product since they are made out of natural materials.

Store in a dry dark place. Do not leave out for long periods in direct sun.