Are you shopping for healthy and eco-friendly summer fun props for your kids? 

Consider our Swim fins made from 100% natural rubber. Available in three size ranges, the simple design, and lightweight of these fins make them a top choice. The foot pocket features an open toe and heel tab making it easy to take on and take off.

Description of HEVEA® Fins 

  • Made of 100 % natural rubber
  • Free of toxic additives like BPA, phthalates, etc.
  • Coloured with FDA approved, plant-based pigments
  • Lightweight and simple build
  • The foot pocket has an open toe and heel tab feature

Benefits of HEVEA® Fins

  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight for easy use
  • Durable and high quality