Baby Bath Mat in Natural Rubber - Baby

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Scandinavian designed in beautiful natural colors, our Baby Bath Mats have 215 suction cups throughout the bottom of the mats to keep them firmly in place, with a stylish anti-slip design along the top that is soft and comfortable to the touch. The perfect bath mat for use in showers and bathtubs, as well as in wet areas where slippage is a concern - like outside of your toddler’s bath.

And like all HEVEA baby products, our natural rubber Bath Mats are eco-friendly - made with natural materials that are safe for both your baby and the planet. HEVEA Bath Mats meet the strictest of international standards.

Baby Bath Mat Size Dimensions: 55 x 32 cm / 21.7 × 12.6 in.

Benefits of the HEVEA Bath Mat:

NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOU – Our 100% natural rubber, our Bath Mats are plant based and vegan certified. Additionally, our FDA approved color pigments are also natural

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Since rubber is an eco-friendly natural material, it is compostable and will biodegrade when no longer in use. Our packaging is also biodegradable

PERFECT BATH MAT FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE - For use in showers and bathtubs, as well as in wet areas where slippage is a concern for babies, toddlers, and children

HIGH QUALITY DANISH DESIGN - HEVEA Bath Mats are durable with an anti-slip design. Our 215 suction cups are evenly spaced throughout the bottom of the mat, with a stylish top that is designed to avoid slippage while still feeling comfortable and soft for child’s bottom or your feet

HYGIENIC – Easy to keep clean! Simply keep rinsed and hang to dry after use in your shower or bath

Before using for the first time, rinse with hot water. Position the bath mat in the shower or tub. Once wet, press down on the relief cups at the sides and in the center of the mat to ensure the suction is secure. To ensure that the mat stays firmly in place, it must be no bigger than the shower tray or bath.

It is important to not leave the bathmat suctioned in place or wet for long periods of time, as this will promote mould, or alternatively could harm the surface it is adheared to.

HEVEA Bath Mats are strong and durable and will last a long time if maintained properly. After use, pull up to release the suction, rinse thoroughly, and hang to dry.

Since HEVEA Bath Mats are made from natural materials, keep out of direct sun.