Silky soft to the touch and easy to open – HEVEA Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags make it easy for you to be a good and sustainably-minded neighbour by disposing of your dog's waste with ease and peace of mind. There are 8 rolls, with a total of 120 bags, per box - the perfect size for all dog breeds - holding up to 500 ml per bag.

HEVEA bags are unscented & eco-friendly as they are compostable and will biodegrade naturally (within 180 days from time of disposal). They are designed with our beautiful HEVEA thumbprint motifs - symbolizing our mission to leave greener fingerprints for the planet. By choosing a biodegradable products, you are personally making a positive environmental impact by reducing waste and leaving greener paw prints for future generations!



  • EASY-OPEN & TIE OFF - Designed with an easy to spot top to the bag that is separates easily in your grip to open. Easy to tie off once filled and will hold in odours
  • THE PERFECT SIZE FOR ALL DOG BREEDS – Our bags generously hold up to 500 ml / 17 oz – meaning they can be used for all dog breeds, no matter your dog's size. 
  • DANISH DESIGNED – We always combine functionality with aesthetics in our products - even down to poop bags! Silky to the touch, yet robust and durable, these discreet and tasteful beige bags are designed with the iconic HEVEA thumbprint – inviting you to join us in leaving greener fingerprints (and paw prints) for the planet!
  • EFFORTLESSLY PORTABLE – keep a roll stuffed in your jacket pocket or your bag…tie some on to your leash…never leave home without them
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS (AND PAW PRINTS) FOR OUR PLANET –  For earth conscious dog parents seeking to leave zero waste – plastic-free and biodegrades naturally within 180 days!



For a zero-waste dog walking experience, pair with a HEVEA Poop Bag & Treat Keeper Case. 


  • Breed Size Recommendation: Puppies, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
  • Eco-friendly: Compostable & Biodegrades Naturally 
  • Amount Per Box: 120 bags (8 rolls)
  • Made From: PLA + PBAT + Corn Startch
  • Free of: Plastic Free, BPA Free, Phthalates Free, PVC Free
  • Recommended Use: Pet waste disposable
  • Special Features: Easy to Separate, Unscented, Holds in Odour, Leak-Proof, Lightweight, Zero Waste, Durable
  • Capacity: 500 ml / 17 oz
  • Size Dimensions: 22.5 x 32 cm / 8.9 x 12.6 in