Menstrual cups are a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons...not to mention so much cheaper! Add to that, a menstrual cup that is made from natural materials so that it both safe for you and for the planet - and oh so comfortable - meet the HEVEA LOOP Cup! 

The LOOP Cup was the vision of our female founder, Terese Hoffeldt. She saw a need for a truly sustainable menstrual cup made out of a natural and biodegradable material like natural rubber. Making innovative products in natural rubber is her specialty - so she got right to work on the design. Living by the sea here in Denmark, she found inspiration in the conch shell. She also saw a need for a soft and easy-to-grip stem. And so, the idea of a naturally different menstrual cup by HEVEA was born! 

Our Cups are made for those who menstruate of all ages. We hope their softness and thoughtful design will encourage you to give them a try and embrace change - whether you are a teen trying a period product for the first time...or well into your period years through to menopause. 



  • Recommended for your LIGHT flow days - Our Size 1 Cup can capture 18ml/0.6 oz up to 12 hours (the same as 2 regular tampons!)
  • Size: 
    • 4 cm/1.6 inches (outer diameter)
    • 3.5 cm/1.4 inches (inner diameter)
    • 6.3 cm/2.5 inches (long)


  • COST EFFECTIVE - The price of one LOOP Cup is the equivalent of 800 Euros in menstrual products - not only are you saving the world from waste, you are saving your wallet!
  • 12H of WEAR & HYGIENIC – You can wear your LOOP Cup for up to 12 hours at a time - day and night! And it is easy to keep clean - see our care instructions below
  • NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOU – Made from 100% natural rubber, the HEVEA LOOP Cup stands apart as a menstrual cup, as is plant-based and vegan certified. and therefore completely free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and other harmful materials. Additionally, our color pigments are also natural. The cup captures your flow rather than absorbing it (which causes risk of TSS associated with tampon use)
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - The LOOP Menstrual Cup is reusable, saving waste from traditional menstrual products month after month. Additionally, it will biodegrade when no longer in use, as will our packaging!
  • FEMALE-DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Our loop stem design is comfortable for you, while also making it easy to grip when removing the cup. Our dipped rim and unique conch shell design, ensures the cup is easy to fold and insert, and there is a small hole for suction release, ensuring safe usage with an IUD. On top of that, natural rubber is the softest material - ensuring you won’t feel the cup once it is in place. Made from natural materials, know that each will have its own unique beautiful coloring! 



  • FIRST USE: Before using for the first time, sterilize your LOOP Cup by soaking it in boiled water in a clean bowl for five minutes.
  • THROUGHOUT YOUR CYCLE: You need only rinse your LOOP Cup with water between uses.
  • AFTER EACH CYCLE: Sterilize your LOOP Cup by soaking it in boiled water in a clean bowl for five minutes. Dry with a clean towel and store it in it’s storage bag in a dry place. Since HEVEA products are made from natural materials, do not store in direct sun.

WARNING: Do not clean in a microwave or dishwasher


Using a menstrual cup for the first time can be intimidating! For first time users, we recommend giving it a test run when you are not having your period. And talk to your friends, online communities, and family - the use of menstrual cups is becoming more and more common and they’ll have great tips! 

The softness of natural rubber means that you should hardly be able to feel your cup when inserted correctly. If it doesn't feel comfortable, try rotating it or adjusting it slightly, or remove and test inserting it with different fold techniques. And don’t forget - lubricating it with water will help as well! 

You can use the cup up to 12 hours depending on your flow. It will take a few uses to get an idea of your flow and how often you need to change your cup, etc. Once you know your cup and how it meshes with your body and flow, you won’t look back! 



We have partnered with our fellow Danish B Corp, Underprotection to design period products focusing on sustainability and aesthetics.

Our range of new period panties, menstrual cups with a splash of gold, and a leak-free bag can be mixed and matched depending on period flow and daily lifestyle needs. Therefore, eliminating the need for single-use period products that come at both a high cost for both the consumer and for the planet.