Hi to all parents and soon-to-be moms & dads out there! 

Are you interested in giving your child plastic-free eco-friendly options when selecting baby products?

Our mission at HEVEA is to fight plastic polution with natural rubber alternatives in order to and leave greener fingerprints for future generations.

And, we are currently looking for Family Brand Aambassadors for our baby range of products!


We are interested in sharing real moments across a diversity of HEVEA families around the globe that are passionate about sustainable products and lifestyle…plus that share our love of our brand!

We seek Family Brand Ambassadors that are natural visual storytellers interested in receiving HEVEA products as a trade for photos and video moments of their baby(s) enjoying them. 

We’ll be sending our Ambassadors regular packages with a mix of baby products appropriate to each baby’s age every few months – from pacifiers and bottles, to teethers and toys.

If this sounds appealing to you, we hope you’ll apply!


When becoming a HEVEA Family Brand Ambassador, you will get some great perks out of it, Including:

• We’ll keep you stocked with HEVEA natural rubber products throughout your baby’s milestones – for instance, if you’re just about to have your baby (or they are a newborn) we’ll start you off with pacifiers, bottles, and nipple shields….and later on (or if you apply with an older baby), we’ll send you packages stocking you up on pacifiers, larger bottles (and new nipples) as well as new products appropriate to their age – teethers, toys, bath mats, etc.
Become a part of the HEVEA community, story, and mission; seeing your baby become a face of HEVEA 
• We’ll be keeping you stocked with HEVEA products, but we hope those around you will fall in love with HEVEA products too! Receive a 10% discount code to share with family and friends interested in HEVEA products
• Most importantly, you will support a small family-run B Corp brand with a strong mission to leave greener fingerprints upon the world as a business in partnership with you as the parents that support us


We hope to start off with a 6 month collaboration commitment. You must be expecting a baby(s) in the next 2 months or have a baby(s) under 1 year old at the time of application. As a Family Brand Ambassador, you will:

• Submit photos of your baby using HEVEA products in your home/surroundings (and other family members welcome such as a parent or older sibling feeding your little one their pre-bed bottle!) - 10 photos minimum per month (must be high resolution)
• Submit short video clips of the sweet little moments of your baby interacting with HEVEA products - 10 video clips minimum per month (5 to 10 seconds each)
• Be open to us reaching out from time-to-time for feedback on our products, as well as asking for tips about using our products, quotes, and other types of storytellingShare the love and engage with our SoMe accounts as well as post about our products on your own social media as well (but don’t need to be an influencer to apply)
Give permission for HEVEA and our partners (such as retail shops) to use any of the photos and videos that you submit to us for all marketing purposes ongoingly


• Tell us your name, your child’s/children’s names and ages, and tell us where you live
• Send us a short story in approximately 3 paragraphs about yourself and family - are you an expectant mom? Do you have a baby now? Do you have other children? Paint us a picture of what your home life is like in words. Alternatively, you can send a short video sharing your story
• As you know, leaving greener fingerprints for future generations is our core mission at HEVEA, tell us about your view on living sustainably in an additional paragraph (or add on to your video story)
• Send us 5 photos and 2 short video clips (up to 10 seconds each) from your day-to-day life. If baby has already arrived, please include them. If baby is still expected, no problem - show us your visual storytelling style in how you are prepping life for their arrival:)
• You do not need to be a professional photographer or influencer to apply! But do send on links to your social media channels if they are public (and you are open to us seeing them)
• Let us know if you are acting as an Ambassador or have any other standing collaborations with other brands

This is now an ongoing program with no specific deadlines.

Please submit your application to us via email at SoMe@heveababy.com - a great way to send your photos and video clips is by using the free website/app tool www.wetransfer.com.

Do not hesitate to DM us on instagram @heveafamily or send an email to us at SoMe@heveababy.com, if any questions pop up!