Swim Fins - 27-29 (EU) / 9.5-12 (US) / 9-11 (UK)

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Are you shopping for eco-friendly summer gear options for your kids that won’t pollute our planet and oceans? Make a splash this summer with HEVEA Swim Fins for your kids!

HEVEA Swim Fins are made from upcycled 100% natural rubber, meaning they are made from leftover natural rubber off-cuts from our manufacturing process, minimizing waste. And, our Swim Fins biodegrade naturally - leaving zero waste at the end of their use - making them safe for the planet and our oceans!

The Benefits of the HEVEA® Swim Fins :

DANISH DESIGN - Not only are our fins beautiful with their mottled color design, they are designed to be comfortable, light weight for easy carrying, plus they float in the case that they are left behind in the water!

COMFORTABLE & EASY PUT ON & TAKE OFF - Our Swim Fins have a flexible foot pocket that stretches to fit comfortably to the foot with an open toe and comfortable gripping heel tab

DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY – Our fins are strong and will last for many a year of outdoor fun at the beach or pool. Just remember, they are made from natural materials, so be sure to rinse and dry them after use, and store them out of the sun

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET & OUR OCEANS - Our Swim Fins are eco-friendly and toxin-free. They are made from upcycled natural rubber - eliminating waste of leftover material from our manufacturing process. They are vegan certified and completely free from nasties such as plastic, PVC, BPA, petroleum, and phthalates

ZERO WASTE - biodegrades at the end of their use, as will packaging