You live your life out and about, and your period products need to allow you to maximize your day no matter your flow! 

This discreet and sophisticated leak-proof wet bag can hold up to two used period panties, or a mix of used panties and menstrual cups. It's leak-free lining is made from recycled water-proof polyester, ensuring what when it comes time to swap in a new dry protection, you can store your used panties and cups inside to bring home to clean later. And all the while, with no worry of leakage in your bag! 

Benefits of the Leak-Proof Bag for Period Panties:

  • CONFIDENTLY LEAK-PROOF - Keeping your used period products from interupting the movements of your daily life with confidence that leaks and odour will be kept contained 
  • DISCREET & SOPHISTICATED - Practicality never looked so pretty! 
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Made from organic cotton on the outside and recycled water-proof polyester for the leak-free lining, quality materials are just the first step in making a personal impact on the planet. By using this bag to transport your reusable period panties and/or cups, you are greatly reducing your waste from disposible period products! 
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - The bag (26 x 18 cm / 10.2 x 7 in) is the perfect size for most any bag and can hold up to two used panties, or a mix of panties and menstrual cups…or also can be used as a wetbag for carrying a wet swimsuit
  • EASY CARE - Machine wash prior to use. Machine wash in delicate/gentle cycle in cold water (30° C). We do not recommend washing with fabric softener. Hang to air dry.


We have partnered with our fellow Danish B Corp, Underprotection to design period products focusing on sustainability and aesthetics.

Our range of new period panties, menstrual cups, and a leak-free bag can be mixed and matched depending on period flow and daily lifestyle needs, as well as for incontinence, menopause, pregnancy or afterbirth discharge. Therefore, eliminating the need for single-use period products that come at both a high cost for both the consumer and for the planet.