Introducing our Period Briefs Panty - offering you luxury at an affordable price! Our briefs have a classic brief shape with a regular rise fit and a lace trim.

Embrace your flow with our revolutionary comfort period panties, designed to keep you feeling confident and comfortable throughout your cycle using SilverClear textile technology - known for its highly efficient and ecological absorption protection that is both anti-microbial and anti-odour. The comfort and reliability of our period panties will empower your daily life choices - no more fear of the leak on the soccer field, yoga mat, in the classroom, or work space - especially if you overprotect by mixing and matching our panties with our LOOP menstrual cups.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a bloody good time!


  • FLOW CAPTURE CAPACITY: Worn on their own, our Brief Panties can capture up to 25 ml / 0.9 oz for up to 12 hours (equals 3 tampons). During heavier flow or capacity needs, consider matching with one of our LOOP Menstrual Cups - stay overprotected!
  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION & HYGIENIC – Highly effective flow capture & storage layers using Silverclear technology that is both antimicrobial & anti-odour. And it is easy to keep clean - see our care instructions below
  • NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOU – PFAS-free with soft & breathable organic cotton next to the skin. FDA-approved and meets the strictest of international standards. Plus, no risk of TSS associated with tampon use
  • LOW COST FOR YOUR WALLET & THE PLANET - Our period panties are reusable - saving you the high costs of single-use period products! Their durable fabric will last 40 washes/two years on average if cared for properly. They are OEKTOEX - certified manufacturing partner that meets BCSI standards
  • FEMALE-DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Perfect for periods, menopause, bladder leakage and incontinence, pregnancy, post-birth, and sweat and discharge. Soft and comfortable, with padding in all the right places (but that won't leave you feeling like you are wearing a diaper). True to size. Plus, our beautiful lace trim accents that are soft and comfortable
  • OUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you'll love our panties - however, if you are not fully satisfied after use of this product (within a maximum of 60 days from purchase) loop us in on the reason why and a copy of your receipt of purchase, and we'll arrange for a refund



You know your flow. Or maybe you don't because your a teen wondering when your period will begin…a mom in the months after birth awaiting for your regular cycle to return…or you are well into your period years and experiencing the irregularity of perimenopause. And even with the most regular of cycles, each day and night brings with it different period protection needs! 

Our range of panties & menstural cups are designed to keep you just that bit more overprotected. You can mix and match our Period Panties with our LOOP Menstrual Cups for maximum coverage and peace of mind no matter what your day and flow brings!

Plus, we also recommend purcashing our Leak-proof Bag for Period Panties made from organic cotton on the outside - with a leak-free lining made from recycled polyester - allowing you to carry up to two used pairs when out & about.



Machine wash prior to use. Once used, follow below instructions:

1. PRE RINSE: As soon as possible after wear, rinse until the water runs clear in cold water. Machine wash directly afterwards... or hang dry & set aside for your next load.

2. WASH: Machine wash in delicate/gentle cycle in cold water/30°. We do not recommend washing with fabric softener. Hang to air dry.

ECO FRIENDLY TIP: Our Period Panties will last 40 washes/two years on average, and like with any reusable period products, they may start to smell at some point. If so, soak them in white vinegar or baking soda overnight prior to machine washing them.



We have partnered with our fellow Danish B Corp, Underprotection to design period products focusing on sustainability and aesthetics.

Our range of new period panties and menstrual cups can be mixed and matched depending on period flow and daily lifestyle needs, as well as for incontinence, menopause, pregnancy or afterbirth discharge. Therefore, eliminating the need for single-use period products that come at both a high cost for both the consumer and for the planet.