Would you like to add a new toy to your puppy's collection? Perhaps something new and more challenging yet exciting? The Stellar Ball Activity Toy is just the right one for you. This 100% natural rubber goody is made up of star cutouts and spaces in a repetitive pattern. It is flexible and soft, allowing you to introduce treats to it to increase the excitement of your pet. Can be used both indoors and outdoors and can serve as a great training aid, as a chew toy, and for teething purposes.

And like all HEVEA pet products, our 100% natural rubber Stellar Ball Dog Activity Toy are eco-friendly and safe for both your baby and the planet.  

Benefits of the Stellar Ball Dog Activity Toy:

NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR DOG – Our 100% natural rubber dog toys are vegan certified and completely free from nasties such as BPA, Phthalates, and PVC. They are plastic and silicone free

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Not only are our dog toys 100% biodegradable, so is their packaging  

EASY TO CLEAN – Wipe with a warm cloth and let dry  

DANISH DESIGN – Not only is the Stellar Ball Dog Activity Toy a beautifully designed with a Danish aesthetic, while also being malleable and soft, it is durable to resist dog bites and pulls

AN AMAZING ACTIVATION TOY FOR YOUR DOG –the Stellar Ball Dog Activity Toy is versatile – it can be used for playing fetch, for a chew and teething toy within the home, as well as a helpful training aid