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Upcycling Your HEVEA Pacifiers

Upcycling Your HEVEA Pacifiers

We believe in 2nd and 3rd lives for HEVEA’s pacifiers:
Together we can upcycle waste into treasure.


We know that a child who uses a pacifier, will normally go through between 20 and 50 of them a year, as (for safety reasons) you should change the pacifier approximately every 8 weeks. So if you are using 4–5 at a time and the child loves them for around 2–3 years, that easily makes 70+ pacifiers all together. That’s a lot of used rubber! And even though our kids leave tiny fingerprints, we can help them to be even more sustainable.

At HEVEA, we hate waste but we love upcycling, so we have been investigating how we can re-use old pacifiers to make something new.
Now we have found a way to re-use the rubber so that it is totally sterilised yet still strong and durable.

But first we need to start collecting used HEVEA pacifiers, and we would love you to help us! And, as an extra incentive not to discard those old pacifiers, we’d like to reward you for sending us your used HEVEA pacifiers.
Each pacifier you send to us will earn you a 1% discount on our webshop.


Send us 8 used pacifiers = 8% off your next purchase. 10 used pacifiers = 10% off, and so forth.*

You will receive a promo code that you can apply to your next order.
* Min. 3 pcs = 3%. Max. 50 pcs = 50%.

Not only do you contribute to minimising your carbon footprint, you will also get the opportunity to save money on any purchase at our webshop. We don’t mind what condition the used pacifiers are in, as long as they are HEVEA pacifiers. Please send your used pacifiers to us with a note stating your name and email address and we will contact you with your promo code.

Sounds easy? It is. So start collecting those used pacifiers and send them to us:

A. P. Møllers Allé 17
2791 Dragør
Att: HEVEA Upcycling