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Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Our Products are Imperfectly Perfect

Each product carries our fingerprint. Our fingerprint is defined by five key viewpoints, all of which are unique to our products. This is important to us, as, at HEVEA, we pay as much attention to how we do things as we do to the results of our work.


Founded in our own fingerprint, each item is not only made from natural materials, it is also
inspired by nature itself. Each item has to be iconic in its own right. It has to stand out with its
iconic design and ground-breaking use of sustainable materials.

Design must not be compromised by the use of natural materials, and, in turn, the natural
materials must not be compromised by the design. The design must take into account the possibilities inherent in natural rubber and natural rubber wood.


Natural rubber or natural rubber wood must be central to the design and the consumer’s product experience.

While we must continuously push the boundaries of what consumers expect from the material,
we must also continue our development of the product range.

We must uphold our position as design specialists when it comes to using natural rubber, and we can only achieve this by pushing the limits of the material as well as our own expectations of the material.


Our products must be sustainable, from production and packaging to shipment and end products.It is our responsibility to walk the talk – and continuously push things a little further still: from end product to cardboard packaging. From shipment to sales.

To us, sustainability does not mean long-lasting in the original sense of the term. It means lasting as long as it needs to. Our aim is for the lifespan of our products to match the length of time our users need them. A pacifier is only meant to be used for two months before it should be replaced. Since rubber is a natural material, it slowly disintegrates when no longer in use. To us, that is sustainability. Sustainability is also about making other products that will last. Beautiful objects that can be used again and again, and that, we hope will be passed on to the next generation. We don’t leave useless products for future generations; we either leave behind valuable goods that serve a purpose and reduce the need for new ones, or nothing. But what we do want to pass on is a planet that is a little bit cleaner.


We create and design products for our nearest and dearest: our babies, the other members of our families, and our puppies. This adds the consideration of safety to everything we do: We must ensure that our products are safe, and that no harm can come to our loved ones from them in the short or long term.

We must create products that our consumers can be confident are safe to use. So there are no harmful chemicals in our baby toys, and no small parts that can be swallowed by a puppy or a child.


The fact that each and every item is made with these three principles in mind is key to our
fingerprint and our product development.

Reducing the number of products we actually need and replacing them with quality products
designed to fulfill their purpose and our needs.

Reusing items for multiple purposes. A Kawan duck is as much fun to play with in the water as it is in the living room, and, as for our glass bottle with a star ball, the ball also makes a wonderful toy.

Recycling means everything to us. Whether it’s the use of recycled cardboard boxes or the
potential for recycling the product itself, every part of each product should be created with
recycling in mind.