Natural Rubber Pacifier ROUND 3-36 Months Single-Pack - Round 3-36 months

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This single-pack HEVEA® 100% Natural Rubber Pacifier comes in several beautiful color choices perfect for babies and toddlers 3 to 36 months. HEVEA pacifiers feature a seamless one-piece build that makes them easy to clean and hygienic. The natural rubber teat and face ensure the pacifier is soft to touch and gentle on your baby's face and lips. And the fun cut out shapes on the face ensure your baby’s safety while also having some adorable fun!

And like all HEVEA baby products, our 100% natural rubber pacifiers are eco-friendly and safe for both your baby and the planet.

Benefits of the HEVEA 100% Natural Rubber Pacifier (with Round Teat) :

NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – Our 100% natural rubber pacifier is vegan certified and completely free from plastic, silicone, and BPA. Additionally, our FDA approved colour pigments are also natural

LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Not only are our pacifiers 100% biodegradable, so is their packaging - we use a FSC® certified box with Earth First® window, made from plants

PICK A SHAPE TO YOUR BABY’S PREFERENCE - With three teat options to choose from with HEVEA pacifiers, the round teat shape is a good fit for bottle-fed babies with a round, cherry-shaped teat similar to a bottle nipple

DANISH DESIGN - Not only do our pacifiers look amazing - with beautiful colour options and four adorably-shaped ventilation holes (surpassing safety standards), the teat’s ventilation hole makes the teat super soft and malleable for baby, while also being durable to resist baby bites

HYGIENIC – The one-piece design means no hidden nasties. Plus, our pacifiers are incredibly easy to clean – simply sit in freshly boiled water for a few minutes - see more information about how to sterilize and keep clean here

Always check the pacifier for wear and tear. In accordance with international standards, and for hygienic and safety purposes, we recommend replacing the pacifiers every 6-8 weeks.

Before first use, place the pacifier in a bowl and pour boiling water over it, soaking for five minutes. Squeeze out any excess water left in the teat, and let dry. To maintain cleanliness, rinse regularly with water, and soak in boiling water from time-to-time for five minutes maximum.

We do not recommend disinfecting pacifiers with sterilizing solution as this will weaken the teat and shorten the lifespan of the pacifier.

Before each use, always test the pacifier by gently pulling on the nipple in all directions to inspect it for any tears or rips. If you notice any tears or weakness in the nipple, it is time to dispose of the pacifier and replace.

It is a universal safety recommendation (regardless of the pacifier material or brand) that pacifiers must be replaced every 6-8 weeks for hygiene and safety reasons. For natural rubber pacifiers it is even more important since the material is completely natural. It is time to dispose of the pacifier and replace it when you notice that the nipples is ripped or torn, on once the pacifier becomes sticky or starts peeling.