Who says your child can't dine in safety, class, and style? Spice up your child's feeding experience with one of our HEVEA natural rubber Placemats! These mats have beautiful illustrations that can help your child stay glued to their mealtime. With raised edges to keep any spills and splashes confined and no leaching of pigments, our placemats are an excellent choice for your child's dining area.

And like all HEVEA baby products, our Placemats are eco-friendly - made with natural upcycled rubber from our manufacturing process, they are safe for both your baby and the planet. 

Benefits of the HEVEA Placemat 

  • NATURAL AND SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – Our 100% natural rubber placemat is vegan certified and completely free from plastic, silicone, and BPA. Additionally, our FDA approved color pigments are also natural and will not leach onto surfaces
  • LEAVING GREENER FINGERPRINTS FOR OUR PLANET - Our placemats are made from upcycled rubber. Rubber is an eco-friendly natural material and will biodegrade when no longer in use
  • DANISH DESIGN - Designed to keep spills in with raised edges, and for fun with attractive surface animal illustrations
  • THE PERFECT SIZE - Fits most high chairs (13.8in/35cm x 9.9in/25cm) with a depth of 0.6in/1.5cm 
  • HYGIENIC – Incredibly easy to clean! Simply wipe with warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry 

Complies to the European PAHs certification, REACH, German Mark+ US: CPSIA