Our Sand shaper trio set includes 3 adorable sand shapers in upcycled natural rubber & 1 wooden and metallic shovel – perfect for hours of playing in the sand. We created the sand shapers in our beloved upcycled natural rubber due to the softness, the sturdiness and as another HEVEA contribution to a cleaner ocean, with fewer plastic beach toys. We never compromise on performance, design, feel or our care for the environment and these cute creatures don’t either!The set comes in a natural cotton ‘turtle’ bag – perfect for hours of playing in the sand, exploring the coasts and collecting those beach treasures!

Set includes: 

  • 3 x sand shapers made from 100% upcycled natural rubber & FDA-approved pigment
  • 1 x wooden and metallic shovel for better durability
  • 1 x cotton ’turtle’ bag - great for carrying the Beach to collect those magical new treasures found on the shore!

Benefits of HEVEA® Sand Shaper trio

  • Safe and eco-friendlyEasy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and high quality