HEVEA's Commitment to our Children's Future Planet

Your Planet. Your Fingerprints.

The life you live tells a story – your story – and the beauty of that is that you can decide what the story should be about. You decide the plot and determine the main characters. We all live on your planet. Like you, we want to take care of the planet for your sake, for the sake of your children and their children.

Your planet is quite a demanding one. It doesn’t seem to agree with short-term solutions. That is why we keep our focus firmly on a long-term commitment to sustainable production of rubber tree products. That is what we are all about, and even though we know that we alone cannot save the world, we still think it is a small step in the right direction.

Your planet might favour the big ideas, and it might call for big steps, but getting there is something we can do together in a way that makes every small step count, to make sure that your planet – our planet – can be passed on safely for generations to come.

Everything you do affects our planet. What you eat, drive and buy has a real-life impact on our habitat. We all leave our fingerprints on the planet. And, luckily, we all get to decide what kind of fingerprints we leave. It’s our hope at HEVEA that our work, our products, will help you leave a fingerprint to be proud of.



Our company name Hevea is from the Latin name for the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The natural rubber it produces is the foundation of our product range. Using natural rubber, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.


We truly want to be sustainable and strive to do our best to be a responsible company, through all of our business practices. We face many challenges, some very difficult, but we continue to look for innovative ways to overcome any challenges to reduce, re-use, re-cycle and up-cycle where possible.


At Hevea we are happy to announce that our packaging is now FSC certified. Our paper is made of materials from responsibly managed FSC® certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources, which helps prevent deforestation and degradation. This is important for millions of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods, but of course also for the overall environment.



By being exposed to sunlight, moist and fresh air, natural rubber has the ability to be broken down physically and chemically by microorganisms. HEVEA products are made from the natural rubber sap and the wood, which is biodegradable. Using natural rubber and rubber wood, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil/petroleum, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.



Rubber trees have a straight trunk and grow an impressive 23 meters/75 feet or more over their lifetime, with mature trees having a diameter of around 90 cm/3 feet. The trees can be sustainably harvested for approximately 35 years.


We like to reuse things, as this is both beneficial to environment but often also cost saving. We reuse all packaging which we get. We always save and reuse leftovers from our packaging for business cards, post cards, memory games and in-store material. We like to encourage you to reuse our product packaging as well.

Caring for the planet was never boring. It actually lets the party last longer.




At HEVEA, we hate waste but we love upcycling, so we have been investi-gating how we can re-use old pacifiers to make something new. Now we have found a way to upcycle the rubber, making new products. Read more at HEVEA Upcycling and do send us your used pacifiers.

All our packaging is FSC® certified and the film that we use on our packaging as “windows” is sourced from the only global supplier of 100% biodegradable film – so it is eco-friendly and sustainable too!


Recycling is essential for HEVEA, as it is a core component when thinking about reducing our fingerprints. We start at home, recycling our office and storage waste. We encourage and support our manufactures in recycling their production lines, by asking for ISO certification tovensure their approach to sustainable production is in line with ours, and of the high standard that we expect.


What do we do to ensure that our products are safe, non-toxic and of the highest quality? We test all our products with well-known international companies such as SGS, Intertek and Bureau Veritas, to meet standards in Europe, US, Canada, and Australia. We “pull”-test every single pacifier to ensure that it can withstand the stress of usage. In order for us to identify the production date, batch codes are engraved into our products.

June 11, 2019 — Rose Gamelsky